Days As An Aeronautical Engineer


What can be more appealing to a fresh graduate with an excellent mastery in Math and Science, other than securing a job as an aerospace engineer. In this fast-paced world of modernisation, what’s more, in the midst of its flourishing fourth industrial revolution, working as an aeronautic engineer would be one of the most handsome careers for the younger ones who are avi-enthusiasts. Malaysia for instance, have its own aerospace company called UA Aerospace Malaysia Sdn Bhd. The career is an incorporation between problem solving and scientific job in the aviation industry. On average day, an ua aerospace aerospace engineer is expected to spend his day developing and designing new aircraft. Creative minds are in dire need in the field for them to be able to cater to the unsolved questions as to how the sophisticated technologies combined with its specific functions can be put to use in order to operate the required aircrafts.

As for an average week, an aerospace engineer might find himself working in a team, trying to invent a commercial airliner that can fit double the number of current passengers for their customers. Another week, the engineer might be assigned to work on missile system as a defense acts for military fighters. In short, he is to analyse on projects from the build of concept-through perspective in order to find continuity and rationale in the conduct. Nevertheless, he can still enjoy a balance life between working and traveling through this career. However, it is important to note that an aerospace engineer will be likely to spend their working hours in laboratories, complete with latest devices and computer updates as well as resources and equipment. The travel part comes when he is required to fulfil the job standards and requirement such as traveling to airfields, maintenance shop and production facilities.

But, whatever it is, to be an aerospace engineer will require you to graduate with a first class degree in aeronautics. It is definitely no play and jokes. The most valued criteria a company desire from a candidate would be exceptional academic record as well as the ability to get work done as soon as possible especially under high pressure. The working period might varies between 36 – 40 hours per week, which means they will need to be deliberate on their project. No worries as the boredom shall be filled up with excursions, vacation as well as other occasions during the day.

If you are dreaming to fly high with a smart suit, go for aeronautical engineering and see how your dream comes true. (Well…that only if you work hard enough, let’s be real, nothing ever comes easy, mate. All the best!)

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