4 Factors of Brilliant Typography Web Design

Most of the web designer only focuses on the quality of the content as if it is the only thing that matters to the users, however, the number of how many users have reviewed your website is also equally important even though content and typography are two different things, but both of them compliment each other in a web design. In that case, developers should pay attention to the typography web design that delivers interactive features and dynamic effects apart from the text and pictures in a precise size of the web page. Here are the 4 factors that should be looking into for a brilliant typography web design Malaysia:

1. Text

It involves the choice of fonts, sizes of fonts, line spacing, and variation of fonts. It must be suitable for the design even though it is just a few texts because it plays a major role, and designers should not underestimate it. Designers should use more than one font style to show there is an intonation to the text, but it should be matched and reasonable to the web design layout, then only the best result will be achieved.

2. Picture

Pictures are usually the main attractive thing in web design that could capture the attention of the user quickly and internalise in their mind. Many designers tend to pay more attention to editing and designing pictures than a long paragraph of content because users may not spend too much time on a webpage reading the content. Use of direct picture and the small quote would make the content concise and clear to the user.

3. Interactive Design

A trendsetter in web design, but it involves a lot of pages and components. The process included many arrangements of elements into the same page, hence the designers should pay more attention to the situation before taking any consideration. Begin the process from the user’s point of view, then only as a designer you could achieve the user’s experience. It requires a smooth prototyping process using the fast prototyping tools that https://teamtreehouse.com/tracks/web-design could provide an interactive design.

4. Video and Animation

To make your web page lively, you may consider video and animation that website software have low costs. It has the ability to get spread faster than text through strong network communication and compatible with social media. However, it has a limit because too much use of video and animation will make the user feel overpowered with it. It is advisable to use one or two in the same typography.…

The history of Dreamweaver and web design

In the first 6 years of the internet’s inception web editing was a wholly difficult venture and you would need to have a formal education of the craft in order to have even a basic website. This would eventually be remedied later on in the coming years but at the time, this education obstacle would not be a problem. However, the main problem was that the tools that were used to create websites were many and not necessarily of good quality and the main complaint was to have a web editing tool that allowed users to have all the best features in one place. Web Design Malaysia industries would highlight this tool as the still popular software Adobe Dreamweaver which allows users to work on the coding aspect of the site and then get visual representation of the product. This article will briefly explain the history of the software for when it started as culmination of web designer griefs into the software that we know of today.

Kevin Lynch began working in Macromedia in 1996 wherein he would start a project after interviewing multiple web designers that wanted a web editing tool that would have alll the features that they would want. The result was the Dreamweaver which helped to give a new toolset that would help designers discover new ways to create a website abd stay ahead of the competition that also began to the surface. A visual editor along with the coding was a cut above the rest and supported drag and drop tools and a users could customise the images, fonts and tables that one would want to place on their website while still providing the code editor. These two editors also did not fill the contents of the code with fiiler HTML that dmaged the coding for the website and there was also a clear support for extensions such as javascript that would elevated to a higher status.